Time is a gift

    In the fall of last year my mother became critically ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit.  At that time we were not sure she was going to recover. I remember driving home looking up and surrendering the situation to God. I knew her fears of doctors, hospitals etc,and she had been put in an induced coma.  I thought ok God if your gonna take her like this (it would be the closest thing to dying in your sleep) I said “you know best”.   I didn’t like it but i surrendered to it. Over the next couple of weeks she started to recover and i thought ok its not her time yet and i was thankful.  After the initial problem was resolved she kept hitting walls during her recovery.  She had a cardiac arrest and recovered, she had a major drug reaction and recovered.  Then the curved ball came.

     She developed multiple infections from being in the ICU so long and her illness took over.  She was put into an induced coma again she initially responded to treatment and then it was as if all hell had broken lose and she got worse….now she was dying.  I thought God why would you do this???  It was the small still voice that said…”remember way back what you told me and you surrendered it to me”?    I was like oh ya forgot about that.  If I look for a silver lining in a dim circumstance I saw that he gave all of us the gift of time.  She had the opportunity to see all kinds of family and friends.  It gave her time to face her greatest fears , and she did it with strength, without complaining and with courage.  I think she may have even shocked herself. Time truly is a gift and i’m thankful for it because there are others who don’t get that kind of an opportunity.  I encourage to to find your silver ling through frustration, fears, and even tears, you will find them if you look close enough.

5 thoughts on “Time is a gift

  1. Elizabeth Vargas January 3, 2018 — 12:02 pm

    well said Ranch! xoxo


  2. As a witness to your trials and tribulations during that difficult time…. Your strength was inspiring and incredible


  3. I know time is a gift. When my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer I always pray that my dad would know the Lord which he did. One day I was taking my Dad to one of his appointments and he said “Can You Fix It “because he knew I was worried,at that moment I felt a peace came over me. My Dad lived for 17 months and I cherish those moments. God allows me to see another side of my Dad that was humorous. So I agree Time is a gift

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    1. its the little things we learn along the way


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