Being Present

Today I was thinking of the importance of being present in the moment and what that actually means. Often times I catch myself thinking of  multiple things during a conversation with someone. Sometimes it feels like gunfire going off in your head.  Am I really present and listening? Obviously not, so what I’m going to try to do differently is be present in the moment.  So what that means to me, is to dump out all the stuff going on in my head all at once.  I’m sure you all know what  that looks like ,you know when your sitting there thinking” did I do this or that”?, Or tomorrow I have to do this or that. If  we are constantly going from past to future, I’m realizing I’m not being present in the moment.  It’s  leaving a little gateway open to lose out on opportunities.  Be still, be patient, be present….those moments might be the little treasures we’re looking for .


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