Life and Snowglobes

Yesterday I wrote a blog on being present in the moment and clearing your mind of all the clutter that floats around your head, when we are talking to each other.  What I’ve learned along the way is that it’s just as important to do the same thing when you’re discovering who you are at your core.  So what’s the problem?? What I found along the way was the amount of clutter that goes on in my own head.  That’s what was causing the most confusion, frustration, and discouragement.  I was blocking myself and I had to learn how to be still, be present for myself.  Now I had to figure out how to do this thing..sounds easy….not so.  When I started it was as if I had to consciously push the thoughts out of my head ( those self-defeating voices) and spend time trying to hear that still small voice.  I am by no means an expert at this but with time and investment in yourself you will make small discovers along the way.

I would describe it as a snowglobe.  When life feels like it’s shaking you at your core and all becomes fuzzy .   If you can just stand still and let all the “stuff” settle around you instead of you settling in it,  its similar to the way the snow settles at the bottom of a snowglobe.  The picture becomes clearer and when you look up the fog is gone and you can see light.  It is in that space that the circumstances, the confusion and frustration start to teach you, and explain to you the reasons you had to go through what you went through.  Be patient sometimes its just a detour it may take extra time to get there but the peace you experience is well worth the ride.

2 thoughts on “Life and Snowglobes

  1. Renewing our mind daily is very important. Sometimes all that cobwebs in our mind can prevent our growth whether it is growing spiritually, physically or mentally. Our mind is powerful, if our mind can be controlled,then it can control our whole body. It is our daily duty to check and to see what is controlling our mind and push the reset button. So RENEWING OUR MIND DAILY

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    1. right. … ye transformed by the renewal of ur mind…….where ever your thoughts go is what u will end up following. ….keep your mind clear… costs too much to lose it


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