The Lions that Roar

I never realized how many of thousands of times the roaring voices in my head never seem to shut up.  Many times they feed you messages of discouragement, fear, anxiety , and frustration and that just names a few.  I think that, that is the voice of condemnation.  It’s the one that tells you… it is what is, and its never gonna change.  Is that true?  I don’t think so….because the opposition of condemnation is conviction. Conviction is  the small voice that tells you….well remember when you did this or that?….and maybe you just need to work on that a little bit. It gives you a reference point to work from.  I think the small voice is actually coming from God or the spirit of. So anytime you think your being punished try to figure out which voice your feeding. What  you feed yourself is the path you choose to walk along knowingly and sometime unknowingly.

So whats the point?  Listening to those roaring voices makes you feel like your being punished.  Instead, listen to small voice that’s trying to redirect you not punish you….it just there as a gentle reminder that you are going the wrong way.  The mind is your defence and be careful what you feed it because you become what you feed it. So I leave you with this…..does that roaring lion have anything new to say….like ever??

1 thought on “The Lions that Roar

  1. Always have the conviction yo be who you are and live the purpose you we’re destined for!


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