Bruised Ego and a One Man Band

What causes people to hold on to issues or circumstances so tightly they unknowingly stunt their own growth… is it possible that we get blindsided like that??  I thought well maybe its a bruised ego.  The ego has been described as the part of the mind that dictates our self-esteem/ self-importance.  I think a lot of the problems we see today are related to bruised egos.  In some kind of way we refuse to let go of the feelings and are hell-bent on being right, so much so, that we do it at the expense of the person you are really trying to be.  Is it worth it??  I think these feelings are some of the roots that lead to unforgiveness, pride, and bitterness …..just to name a few.

Then I thought how many times it’s led people to listening the their voice and their voice alone… if they are the standard of righteousness.  I’m not suggesting that people should be push overs. What I am saying is that if your ego has been bruised so badly you can’t see beyond yourself then there is problem….you become a one man band. Making your own music, beating your own drum, and you are your audience.  Hey if you wanna walk to the beat of your drum go for it……but dont remain a  one man band too long because all you may find is being lonely…….just a thought….


2 thoughts on “Bruised Ego and a One Man Band

  1. Elizabeth Vargas January 9, 2018 — 8:07 pm

    well said Ranch!


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