Many times we hear the gift is within us…well what exactly does that mean….its in us??  I have been inspired by many biblical stories that demonstrate to us that the treasure is in the house.  Whether it was Moses who was hid in the house as a baby for 3 months before being sent down the river, and then was hidden in pharaohs house.  Or the women who swept her house for the coin that was hidden in her home, or Joseph who was hidden in Egypt.  There is a common thread through all the stories of each life.

I’ve often wondered what is hidden in my house, I’ve also wondered if the biblical stories are referring to a physical home.  I think that what it’s reffering to is your house the mind the body and the soul.  You are the house.  I think this because we are told repeatedly that it’s always been in you the key to your purpose is inside of you.  The gifts and treasures are hidden inside of you.  May I suggest we stop looking at the outside/physical space that we live in to determine what is inside of us.  I truly believe that each and every one of us has been created on purpose with a purpose and yes I do believe that it is a Devine purpose created by God. For me to believe that I haven’t been created for a purpose would indicate that I was a created after thought.  Take the time to do all the things you love to do, but don’t forget to go back to the designer and ask what he has purposed you for.  He will tell you, just as he told all the others in the scriptures walk with him he has the key to where you are going.  This message may not be for everyone and thats ok……I’m merely suggesting that you may want to start spring cleaning early in 2018……you just may discover what was in you the whole time…..click your heels 3 times Dorothy it’s in you

1 thought on “SPRING CLEANING

  1. He knew us before we were form in our mother’s womb. So he have a purpose for our life. Sometimes we go through life without knowing our purpose. If our life is driven by purpose then we need not question the reason why we are here on earth. Many people are just wandering in life not knowing there purpose and therefore not living a purpose-filled life.


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