Why do Dogs Chase their Tails…..More Importantly Why do I??????

I was sitting on the couch one day watching the dog spinning in circles chasing his tail.   I thought why do you do that dummy. I froze and thought OMG……why do I do that??   Sometimes lifes distractions and problems put us in a tail spin….no pun intended. Until I realized its just a distraction to keep me confused and frustrated to prevent me to see where I’m supposed to be going.  Thats when I chose to be still I had to stop chasing my own tail accept that many things are not in my control. To surrender to it let it teach me something new that I couldn’t see…..or i didn’t want to see…..its probably more of the former.  I decided to walk my path letting go of expectations and the need to why …….u see u can teach an old dog new tricks

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