Is it Expensive or Is it Free?

Have you ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same things over and over again?  It’s those times when you say I cant believe this keeps happening to me…over and over again.  I wonder how many times we get the same message but never think to take the time to really assess whats happening. You know it and you sence it ; but more likely than not, make the choice to avoid it. I wonder if it just costs too much.

Self reflection will cost your something. I think it will cost a little of your pride, the need to be in control of everybody around you, it maybe giving up  envy, jealousy, and self-rightousness/ judgement; just to name a few.  It cost you your pride to forgive, it costs you self -rightouness to be humble and it costs you envy to be happy exactly where you are.  So I ask you if spend/give up your pride, self-rightousness and envy to be who you actually are and not worry so much about your image the results may shock you.  If you think about spending the worst parts of us to find the best parts of us…..then the old saying has never been more true…..The best things in life truly truly are FREE and freeing… just a thought


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