Do More with Less……Generosity

I think a lot of time generosity is linked to money.  Sometimes it feels as though you would like to give more but sometimes money seems tight and that’s just the reality of life sometimes.  So if you can’t give money give something else.  It maybe just taking the time to call someone who maybe going through a difficult time.  It maybe having a conversation when time is limited but you make the time to listen.  It maybe in the form of encouraging someone who’s a bit down.

All I know is that if I can’t provide support in a monetary manner I can lend an ear, I can give you a different perspective, and I might not be in your situation but I can relate to it in some manner.  I think that there are various forms of generosity and it doesn’t always have to boil down to money.  It’s funny how you can actually “ do more with less” it’s just in how you determine where the actual value resides.  The best things in life really are free…..aren’t they??

2 thoughts on “Do More with Less……Generosity

  1. I always appreciate reminders of gratitude…. So important to remember those that give of their time and spirit… materialism is an appetite that can never be satisfied.. Thanks friend


    1. we all need a little reminder. ….myself included…..ur welcome friend


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