It’s a Test…..

Often, I’ve wondered what the true test of character is.  I thought then when times weren’t the greatest the strength to survive was a test of character.  Is that true?? If you have hit the bottom your choices are limited and so you try to do the best you can in a bad situation.  I think these are the times where we tend to be more understanding and kinder to people because it’s not only humbled us ‘but gives us a better perspective of where others have been and a better appreciation for who they are.

Then I had to think a little deeper than that.  The true test is not when your down and out, because that in itself limits our choices.  What happens when the tables turn and now you’re in the position of having the upper hand?? I think that’s where the true test of character comes into play.  It the time where you have the most options to choose from, its the time where your character is truly tested.  How do you treat people when you are now in the position of power  ,or have the upper hand, |I caution you….. it’s a test….ensure your character is solid enough to pass it.

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