How Do You Feel?

There is a biblical verse that states to guard your heart …why???  I think what it’s trying to teach us is to not operate from a place of feelings. Oftentimes, I think we look at situations or circumstances and start to become overwhelmed. Im wondering if that happens because we look at it through the wrong lens we look at it from a place of how we feel and not facts.   I think that what actually happens its that we justify how we are right in certain situations and a narrative starts to play in our minds a script that repeats we are right in how we see our circumstances. Is that a truth or are we operating from a place of how we  feel about it. What Im saying is that operating from that place alters our ability to see things clearly and it affects ones ability to see what actually is. Im not suggesting not to have feelings. What i am saying is that is costs to much to wrap yourself in them. Thet cost being missing the meaning or message that it’s trying to teach you and not punish you… guard your hearts….. just a thought

1 thought on “How Do You Feel?

  1. Some may say that they speak from HEART. But is it a good thing? What comes out of your mouth comes from the Heart. So I agree that we should guard our heart. Is it to prevent us from not getting hurt I don’t think so. Why are we allow to have feelings, just the weather we have different season—Summer, winter, Fall and Spring. Feeling is an emotion without it we are Zombies Just a taught.


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