The True Cost

I think that getting distracted is a tactic that is meant to hold you back from your destiny. Have we been so distracted by our circumstances that we shift our focus unknowingly at times? I think that distractions are meant to do exactly that. I think that if we spend less time on the distractions and more time on the lesson we as individuals would make more progress towards what we are destined to do.

My question is this? Why do we invest more time on our worries and less time on what we are to accomplish on our time here on earth? We spend much of our time trying to figure out why things happen or why people treat us a certain way or why we have been given hardships. Then we spend the rest of our time trying to defend ourselves. My point is this, we would never take our hard-earned money and invest it in a tanking stock. Yet we do that with the time we have been allotted to do something greater with the time we have been given. We treat are money better than we treat ourselves, better than we treat our destiny, better than we treat the essence of who we were meant to be. So I leave you with this……do we value money more than we value our destiny? Secondly, it is worth what is costs?

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