It’s Somewhere in the Middle

Have you ever wondered why divorce rates are about 50% and climbing??  When I hear or observe couples having difficulties I wonder how much of it is related to the fact that some people never leave home.  So what do I mean by that?  I think that for many people they are used to the way they grew up and obviously adapted to the cultural/environmental normals they were exposed to.  When two people come together they bring with them their normal.   I’ve also observed that many people refer to their family as their parents and siblings and I believe that’s where the problems begins.

When a couple gets married there needs to be an understanding that the couple and couple alone is their family and the rest becomes the periphery of the family unit. I’m not suggesting you sever your past Im just suggesting that people take inventory of the good and bad parts of their history to create a new normal.  No one is right or wrong all of the time but the compromise is always somewhere in the middle. Now create your own new normal.

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