Don’t Get Lost and Lose it!

Have you ever bent the rules and then felt terrible about it?  Often, I wonder if you feel that way because you have sacrificed a piece of your integrity to please others.  Integrity is that part of you that is honest, upright, your moral principles in short.  Sometimes I wonder why we hold others opinions in such high esteem that we end up sacrificing the true essence of who we are.  Where does that come from?  Is it a need to conform, is it worrying that if we don’t, we become the outcast, or is it fear??

Don’t be afraid and sacrifice to fit in.  We were created to standout.   That doesn’t mean we should be arrogant and the self-righteous, rather don’t be afraid to go against the grain to stand up for what is right.  I think that is comes at a greater cost than we think.  I think the  more we broaden truth and morals/values the shallower we become.  I think that the more we widen our boundaries we do it at the expense of depth. You have to dig deep to figure out who you are and what you stand for.  So hold on to your integrity dont get lost in whats happening around you or you may lose the essence of who you really are……and quite frankly it costs too much……

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