When we ask….but why??

Have you ever on occasion been judgemental of someone who wasn’t able to participate in a good cause?  It’s not to say that they forfeit because they won’t make the time but sometimes it’s because they don’t feel well or someone in their family isn’t well.  It could have been for any number of reasons.  Then suddenly something happens to you and you are unable to participate…..and you ask why but why????

There is something about the voice of conviction isn’t there?? It’s that small voice that says remember when (you judged)……maybe that’s why.    I guess it’s an opportunity to reflect on how we can do better and be better.  Instead of passing judgement it would be better to offer your time and assistance to people instead of playing judge and jury.  I think those are the ques that keep us in check so we can better appreciate one another. Maybe we need to change our question from why……to……how can we do/be better……encourage someone today don’t crush them we already have plenty of that around the world don’t we??

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