Don’t get it Twisted

I think we choose to live on polar ends. Its either love or fear, but we need to remember we were created by devine love and i think we forget that. When we wish for things to change we are missing the fact that the circumstance is trying to change us. So why do we block change. I think its because our perception gets twisted somewhere along the line. So if we know we can’t change a circumstance we know we have the ability to respond differently. I think thats the point we miss. That’s the miracle we miss…cause we get twisted. Respond in love within you first that may mean forgiving someone or praying for someone who hurt or disappointed you. I know its not natural and makes no sense on the surface but it takes courage and patients to make that first step. Don’t allow the sun and sky and moon to be blocked out by the fog. So whats the fog? Bitterness, fear, resentment, unforgiveness and so on. You can release that to get your miracle it does not happen overnight its a process. What ever you do do, do it with love and without expectation. …give and it will be given unto you thats what God tells us. ….he also tells us we have not been given the spirit of fear but if courage and love. You see we have be taught to chase the miracle… are not waiting on the miracle the miracle is waiting on you…..the miracle is changing how you see it…..don’t get it twisted…..

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