Give what You Need

If your ever in a bit of a funk remember this…..always give what you need.  You just have to have your inner eye (your spiritual eyes) open at all times.  You see, I that a lot of our frustration comes from expectation and lack of giving.  What do I mean?  Well, when we help a person we expect that when we need a favor the same person will help us.  So what happens when that person doesn’t help us back? We get angry or offended or hurt.  Think back in your life on how many times this has happened, and think of the person who did come to help in your time of need.  My point is this, because we expected a particular individual to help us (expectation) we miss the blessing of the second person who was sent to help you.

Aways give what you need. If your need encouragement give encouragement.  If you need forgiveness give forgiveness, if you need gerosity be generous.  The second step is to not wait on who you gave it to to get it back from.  What you send out will always come back just not in the form you expected it to be in, think about then try it……it’s a win win.  The third step is to be patient and trust in the devine process and thats not always easy I understand that. In a nutshell the process will point out what/where your homework is, and the miracle is in changing how your see and percieve, so no point in waiting for the world to change.  The change in within you and that in itself is the miracle……think about it…..

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