Ear Wax

I wonder how many times our vision isn’t right because we don’t hear right.  Sometimes we get so bombared with what the world is saying to us that we blocked out that little voice that says “wait a minute something isn’t right here”.  I think that when we block that out it subtly affects how we see our life and situations and then go on a tangent feeding that environment.  Sometimes you just need to take a step back and breath it out and re- assess what is really happening.

It takes time and practice to do this and sometimes you need to decide  to invest in yourself or everything around you swallows you up.  You know that you have been impacted when you continue to hear those little voices creeping up on you.  Be still have faith that your right on time, nothing just happens nothing is a coincidence nothing can harm you except what you feed yourself.  So get a Q-tip get your hearing corrected ,so you can see your way clear…..try it!!

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