Stop Crying…Your Giving it Away

Do you know in your core no one has power over you or your you???   I think that way too often we give ourselves away a little piece at a time.  I think we invest in others opinions, attitudes and beliefs at the expense of ourselves.  We each have God given talents and gifts no man or women can give you what you already own.  If you feel like your being robbed of what is already yours the problem may be with you and not others.  You see Im not suggesting you be cocky/arrogant but you have to know what you are good at, and what you are not.  If you have gifts and talents take ownership of them.  You may feel miserable because you feel like someone has taken from you, the reality just might be that you have given it away.  How you may ask?  Well, but submitting to others views and allowing then to take ownership of what was designed to be yours.  What’s holding you back… be honest?? Is it fear?? Where is that coming from,  from what people have said about you or imposed their opinion on you?? Conforming is a choice,s take back what is rightfully yours and do it fearlessly.  Whether it’s a new job, relationship or perspective what ever you do don’t lose what’s already yours.  Know that there is always something or someone around your that will help you direct your course and that never happens by accident it’s devine intervention….get that down into your spirit and let faith lead the way……your were never lost you just took a detour……now stop crying and own it

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