Channel your Anger

Have you ever had those moments or thoughts that trigger anger and hostility?  Have you ever had that guilty thought that says ” I thought I was over that or passed that and here I am allll over again”?  Why is that where does that come from and is it buried resentment? It is a struggle sometimes inner turmoil that feels like it’s never gonna leave you alone and it feels like your never gonna release that poison.  What I try to remember is that the bible tells us in Ephesians 4:26 Be angry but do not sin.  That’s a hard one, not to carry that around with you when it feels like a monkey on your back.  Sometimes those thoughts force me to move into action mode. Sometimes I start cleaning the house like made crazy and take the anger off on the stove and start scrubbing and scrubbing.  Or other times I start picking out all the weeds in the grass or hit the pavement and take a brisk walk.  Most importantly I start pounding on the key board and type out a  post. I think that people walk around in the world thinking they are the only ones who feel this way and everyone else is doing just fine.  So there must be something wrong with me.  I think people like to give the impression their life is ok and don’t want to admit sometimes they feel this way too.

That’s the problem with image we don’t like to admit to ourselves we don’t have it all together all the time, let alone tell the world.  It’s ok not to have it all together all the time it means we are human and it means all is ok….just be sure to channel your anger on things and not people.  I think at times it maybe the way God uses anger to get us off the couch, off the phone, and get you in motion.  Think back on the things you got accomplished when your were really ticked off about something I bet your stove and tiles never looked brighter…..use that same anger to scrub your soul of what is trying to stain you!

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