Don’t Do it Alone!

Have you ever had a moment in time where you wanted to roll up in a corner and be left alone? Days or weeks pass by and you just shut everything down and everyone out. There are times when it happens so insidiously you don’t even realize it’s happened. I know I have been there on more than one occasion. I also realize it’s a tactic . If we become so isolated we start to cripple ourselves and sometimes that’s all it takes. I truly believe it is the enemy trying to flood our minds with senseless garbage and that you should never open your mouth because of what they will think. So what is it ? Is it guilt, shame, embarrassment, thinking your should know better where’s your faith now??

We are in a time where technology has taken over communications, and they are hidden behind texts and emails and so forth…it’s a tactic to put on a mask. A message can never reveal the pain in someones face they are just words on paper. Never lose the ability to be with people in good or more importantly in bad times. Take off the mask don’t be afraid of what they will think, you will always have a person sent to you, to understand where you are, cause at somepoint they were in the same spot you are right now. These are the miracles of life and sent to you, look back in your life where someone shows up out of the blue and right on time.…….there’s no such thing as conincidences so stop hiding and be who you are and do what you were created to do….you are never alone anyways.

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