No Luggage Required

It seems at times in life we get stuck in our past to the point it almost feels like mourning.   I’m not so sure why that happens I wonder what holds us sitting there for such long periods of time.  More specifically is it the disappointment of realizing that life didn’t turn out as we had planned or expected.  This coupled with the fact that we then emotionally attached ourselves to something that was never really ours in our destined journey.  Letting go of what we expected can hit parts of your core that you didnt even know existed.  I think that the experience is possibly trying to tell us we have to just walk this part out by faith.  The only time we need to look back is to see how far we have come and continue to walk forward by faith alone.  So don’t judge yourself too harshly your only human and the help we need is supernatural/Devine/GOD!!  If he got you into a troubled spot he will also get you out if you believe.  Remember this instruction he gave us to walk by faith not by sight.  So don’t be overwhelmed by what your see he already knows where your are and how your feeling just trust that his plan is best more importantly when it doesn’t feel like it.  So drop the luggage you don’t need it for where your going…..let go…..and let God he is the author and finisher of your story and his ending is gonna be awesome if you just believe… luggage required.

1 thought on “No Luggage Required

  1. Awesome! I really like this! No luggage required. Drop it — or….sell it on Craigslist, Kijiji or swap groups on Facebook. Hehe! Spring is coming….time to purge!


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