Labour of all Kinds Can be Painful

I was thinking about the term growing pains. As I took a closer look I came to realize the growing can be painful. Hence the term growing pains. When we ask God to help us grow and change I think we underestimate the growing pains. The separation of our ego to do what is right in the eyes of God is a growing process. That means that we have to let go of the perception of control other times we need to let go of pride or evny and so on. To acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and sometimes we are simply down right wrong in our thinking sometimes can create these growing pains and causes us to challenge our thinking in terms of how we see ourselves. Washing off our egos not easy and can be painful. So pushing out the old and bringing in the new is labour…..hard work. It is the labour of love…….take a deep breath and keep pushing.

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