Weigh it Out

Image how important is to you? Are we more concerned about how we look or should we be looking at the root of the matter? Often times you see people shaking their heads saying it must be me I’m the only one. Where does that thought process come from? Im wondering if it’s that fact that we are bombarded with images that affect are imagination. Think about the number of times you see photos on the various types of social media. People looking happy all the time. How often do you think someone has a happiness that you dont? Images have a huge impact on how we interpret our surroundings so guard you mind. If what we are seeing is the real deal that why are people feeling more lost than ever….just a thought

2 thoughts on “Weigh it Out

  1. So true. I took a selfie of me and did it at the right angle/lighting etc. and then in that same “photo session” lol I took it of me with no makeup, no special lighting, no pose, just me and it was a very different picture. People post their best online when back in the day we didn’t have the internet and your best was seen during your 9-5 or at school or on Sunday morning at church. People are under the false impression that everyone’s lookin’ hot 24/7. We need to look beyond the photo filters and pearly whites and know that nobody’s perfect and more than bbcream we night the light of Christ to shine within us from the inside out. On that note…I gotta get ready for church. Call you later!


  2. We *need* the light of Christ….


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