Believe in God then Believe in Yourself

Have you ever thought there is a promise over your life? Sometimes we need to go back to the foundation the rock. Be brave and ask what your purpose is. Scripture tells us that God foreknew us. That means there was a blueprint for each of our lives. We were created with an idea in mind. Sometimes we fight against the current driving ourselves nuts trying to self correct rather than going with the current. Sometimes we aren’t fighting people or circumstances we are in fact fighting ourselves. Try flowing with the current and not against it. Walk through your life in faith that God knows the beginning from the end if we need every single detail then we are walking by sight and not faith. Letting go of our ideas of how its SUPPOSED to be is the hardest part. Just keep in mind every time God tells us this to shall pass. What we are being told is he knows the beginning and the end of all things , seasons, and situations… you have the faith to beleive him? Believe in God and believe he gave you all the tools you need for your faith walk.

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