Your on a Mission…..

Sometimes we get so busy in life and circumstances we never realize that we were put here for a reason. Did you know you have an assignment and that your on a mission? Have you ever thought you were put here in this giant classroom to teach someone or help someone? Sometimes circumstances in your life taught you how to do it right next time. Sometimes it simply teaches you so that you can impart that knowledge to someone in the same situation. But here is the test. When someone faces what you have faced are you gonna impart that knowledge or are you gonna carry the attitude that if I had to sweat it out… should they. So I leave you with this. Do you have the integrity to help someone else….or are you gonna watch them drown? This is the test of true character doing for someone you know will probably never be able to give back to you. This shows you who you are at your core. Be aware you are on a mission.’s a Devine mission be a light and not a cloud.

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