Imperfectly Perfect

Often, we get frustrated with our imperfections. I like to think of these things as our life’s homework challenges. I think people focus a lot more on their imperfections than they do their talents. I wonder if that’s just Gods way of saying you have some homework today and here is your assignment. The battle is overcoming the thought that your never gonna get it right. I wonder if the challenge is more about changing the thought process vs changing the problem. That being said I think its more about perspective. The stuggle is actually changing your state of mind and thats all the challenge is supposed to teach us rather than running around burning energy trying to fix what is happening around us. Look at all the hurdles you have jumped over. The hurdle shows you, your stronger and wiser and more mature because of it. Life is not trying to kill you it’s trying to build you.

1 thought on “Imperfectly Perfect

  1. This is why we are in the Potter’s hand so he can mould us. Mouldings takes a lot of work. When we are in the Potter’s hand He can fix our imperfections.


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