Walking with no Road Map

Im not sure if you have ever thought about this. Are you aware there is a promise from God for your life?? If you want to know what that is, what is the status of your relationship with him? I found that the pieces are given to you a little bit at a time as you walk with him. Many times it feels like it makes no sense and more often the circumstances don’t reflect the promise. There are going to be periods when you have to walk without the road map…..No details!!!! It is a process and you have to walk it out by faith……all I can say is this… don’t abort the process and being in uncomfortable places because those places are your preparation for where you are going…..destiny. Lean in and trust don’t manipulate it , the cost is too high. So are you going to trust ,be patient, and wait or are you gonna go out and do you? I encourage you to walk it out with no details and by complete faith it will be well worth the journey if we can’t beleive for it……who exactly are we going to beleive?

2 thoughts on “Walking with no Road Map

  1. I feel like this is for me. lol. I struggle sometimes with my vocation — more times than I’d like to admit. I don’t know what God’s plans are for me, but I know they are good. I am giving it a chance. I am pressing through. I am trusting God with each day he gives me. Thanks for the encouraging post. God bless.


    1. thank you for the feedback……it’s also encouraging to know that people read the post and find them helpful. …..just breath and keep walking friend

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