Sometimes it’s You!

There are many days when we entangle our minds with the circumstances we are up against.  We spend much of that time trying to understand why people are; the way that they are.  There are times when we have to re- focus our lens and stop pointing the finger at other people.  If your in the middle of a storm consider looking at it from a different perspective.  What is this situation trying to reveal to me about me?  It doesn’t alway have to be gloom and doom either.  Some trials simply show you that your stronger than you think or you faith is stronger than you thought.  Other times it will reveal to you, many different things such as anger, spite, stubbornness, self-righteousness,  control, the need to be recongnized, pride or perhaps you like to spread gossip.  The list can go on for days and days.  Sometimes you need to assess you and not the people around you.  You know that something may be up or lodged in your spirit/ heart when it starts to manifest itself in your physical body….its called a clue or a hint that you need to release something that has taken hold of you ….perhaps unforgiveness and thats huge.  Are these not the instructions of our heavenly father??  I wonder if forgiving others is Gods way of showing us how difficult it could have been to put up with us at times…..and yet he forgives us.  So if your wondering why the world has gone mad don’t blame God but ask him to show you what has been lodged in your heart that you refuse to abort…..sometimes it’s you.

1 thought on “Sometimes it’s You!

  1. This is some really good food for thought. It’s easy to look at others and (even if people have wronged us) how we deal with the situation or choose to frame it. Forgiveness is HUGE and sometimes it’s something we literally have to ask God to help us with (as opposed to just doing it on our own). Sometimes the flesh is WEAK but He is STRONG and will help us to come to that place to forgive others. God’s message of forgiveness is amazing and that’s how I know I serve a good God. We are not designed to live in unforgiveness — it eats away at us — and if we’re not careful, can cause us to be sick (whether it be in mind/body or both).
    I too, need to check my reactions on things, because even if the circumstance is less than perfect or not ideal it’s truly how we deal with it that makes all the difference.


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