It’s all How You Look at it

It took some time for me to see things through the eyes of a younger generation. If you pay attention to them, they seem to be the most confused people ever. I had to ask myself why is that? I’ve noticed one of the most common themes …..there’s too many options. I can appreciate that it’s like going shopping and being flooded with choices and you can’t seem to figure out what to buy. A curse and a blessing. While trying to figure out what to do with your life you need to work from the perspective of possibilities rather than too many options. I think that if the generation behind us would consider options as mere possibilities it would take the edge off of being flooded with to many options. Perhaps looking at it as an opportunity to explore vs feeling trapped. To young people who are trying to figure life out…..although you many feel frustrated and confused know that you are not trapped and held down……the generation before you had limited choices and did the best the could with what they had to do. You are the generation that can take chances, explore and figure it out along the way. ….something your elders couldn’t do. So instead of being overwhelmed by choice understand that options are opportunities in disguise. So take courage take chances. If you remain stagnant and overwhelmed you will go nowhere. Its the process of changing your perspective and keeping you emotions in check……its not the end……its just the beginning. …you were never put here to fail. You were built by your heavenly father to succeed!!

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