The Scalpel Hurts

When the issues of life feel like they are cutting you it just maybe God’s way of removing what u don’t need. Please know that whatever is removed is always replaced with something better. In the moment it makes no sense but in time you will see what he was trying to do in your life. I describe it as the scalpel as that thing that separates the flesh from the spirit. ……and yes it hurts. Are you willing and able to allow God to remove and replace what he has in store for you. The process may hurt the journey maybe confusing but I am confident that God has more for us than we could ever imagine. Follow his instuctions Psalm 46:10 Be still and KNOW that I am God. Question……do you know who he is……really??? Just hold on walk, breath and let the cob webs fall off there in more in you than there is surrounding you…..BE STILL

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