The Elevator is Out of Service

Life can feel frustrating sometimes because in some ways it moves so fast and in other areas it seems to be painstakingly sloooow. When talking to the youth of today they seem to be in this massive rush to get to the top. I’ve seen this time and time again at the workplace. Get one job bored in a month and off to the next thing. Without appreciation that there is much more to learn that will take them to the next level. Psalms 37:23… tells us that the steps of a good man are directed by the Lord. Key word steps…..replace the word steps with process or stepping stone or opportunity. Call it what you please but these are all steps. You see it is harder to take the stairs we all look for the elevator. When we get somewhere too quickly we don’t appreciate what we have learned along the way. How can u appreciate more when you run away from less???? It allll works together. It’s a faith walk that takes you to the top when you are fully equipped with all you need to handle where you are going. God does not take the highway he goes the scenic route. So I ask you do you have the patience, endurance, tenacity, and faith to walk this thing out with God. ….OR…..are you looking for an elevator be honest. I don’t think there can be anything worse than getting to the top too quickly to find out there isn’t much there. The journey that goes to fast is not a journey at all. So I ask…..what are you going to do…..because the elevator is out of service??? P.S…..if the stairs are good for your heart health imagine what it will do with your spiritual health ….just a thought

1 thought on “The Elevator is Out of Service

  1. norma keen-campbell July 18, 2018 — 7:24 am

    Very powerful and wise taught,

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